Bio Urns

Celebrate a Life by creating a Life:

 The Bios Pet Memorial Tree Urn helps you grow a living memorial tree from your pet’s cremated remains. This patented, eco-friendly kit includes a plant growth medium with easy-to-use instructions. A  biodegradable container can be planted outdoors so that your dog or cat can live eternally as a vibrant and earth-sustaining tree (or other plant).

 Recommended to start tree seed inside in fall to grow strong sapling for planting in US and Canada spring (April or May). Direct planting of seed urn into the location you have selected as early as April. Email us at for confirmation of growing area timing.

In the box you receive a...

  • Bios Pet Memorial Tree Urn

  • Soil expansion disc

  • Vermiculite growth medium

  • Instructions for use

  • Aleppo Pine Seed standard

  • Urn dimensions: 6.3″ x 6.3″ x 12.6″

  • Capacity: 180 cubic inches

Bonus: In house retired landscaper and tree farmer will guide you as to tree selection and location at home, cottage, local park... Just email your questions to   

 Other tree seed kits with growing instructions available directly from My Pets Paradise. For the following tree seed species please see our product page. Standard Aleppo seed kit also available on 


 Eastern White Pine            Norway Spruce             Colorado Blue Spruce                           

  Bios-Pet Urn White Pine SeedPetbiournNorwaySpruceSeed 


Silver Birch                                 Red Maple                       Northern Red Oak

 Pet-Bios-Urn Silver Birch SeedBios-Pet-Urn Red Maple Seed Pet-Bios-Urn Northern  Red Oak Seed

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